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TimeViews is an iPad app for creating and presenting multimedia timelines. It is designed for those who want to actively explore history. Rather than just creating a static timeline, with TimeViews you can interactively create many different timeline views of history. 

In addition to the free app, TimeViews comes with Timeline Construction Sets (pre-built events) that are available as In-App Purchases. 

We hope you enjoy TimeViews and find new and interesting ways to visualize and understand history.

All capabilities of TimeViews are completely free to use, including: 

  • Timeline Links: Link to other timelines to provide more detailed information
  • Stacked Timelines: Parallel views to compare several streams of events during the same time period
  • Details on Demand: Web links to provide detail for an event
  • Colors: Multiple colors to highlight different categories of events
  • Tags & Filtering: Tags to group events and filtering to target events of interest
  • Time Period Headers: Label and highlight time periods

Create and present  multimedia timelines