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Timeline Construction Sets

​​​​​TimeViews comes with Timeline Construction Sets (pre-built events) that are available as In-App Purchases. Creating a timeline has never been easier. Each pre-built event has a link to a Wikipedia article about the event. Many events have images. These pre-built events can be combined in many ways to produce unique timelines. As an example, events for US Presidents could be combined with events for UK Prime Ministers to compare and contrast political trends in the USA versus United Kingdom over time. Or you could add historical events to a timeline of someone’s life to see what was happening during their lifetime.

With TimeViews you can focus on understanding history rather than researching and creating your own events. There are now over 2,500 pre-built events. Most are about histories of the USA, China, Germany, India and the United Kingdom. There are also events that include life dates and Wikipedia links for 900 of the most famous people in history from 1200 BCE to the present. In addition, there are events about the major incidents in the lives of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. Many more construction sets will be added in the future.

Timeline Constructions Sets - Available as In-App Purchases

  • USA Sets: History, Presidents, Most Famous People, Major Wars, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump
  • China Sets: History, Leaders, Dynasties, Most Famous People
  • Germany Sets: History, Chancellors, Monarchs, Most Famous People
  • India Sets: History,  Prime Ministers, Most Famous People
  • United Kingdom Sets: History, Prime Ministers, Monarchs, Most Famous People
  • Worldwide Most Famous People Sets: 100 Activists, 100 Actors, 100 Artists, 100 Composers, 100 Musicians, 100 Philosophers, 100 Scientists, 100 Singers, 100 Writers

​Timeline Construction Set events are built with data from Wikidata (, MIT’s Pantheon Project ( and Wikimedia Commons. Commons is a freely licensed media file repository.